The Midwest startup scene is like the little engine that could, and it’s chugging slowly and steadily up that mountain towards minted money. Perhaps someday soon it’ll get its own moniker to rival New York’s Silicon Alley and SoCal’s Silicon Beach. Silicon Prairie anyone? Times they are a’changing, what with Utah’s entrepreneurial Mormons, Detroit’s downtown tech revitalization, and Chicago’s startup ecosystem.

With the creeping growth of the Midwest tech industry, startups that set up shop in these places have to face a perennial question: how to recruit young talent away from the limelight, and into the middle of the country? I talked to five different entrepreneurs from Milwaukee to Detroit, and they all said that recruiting is getting easier, competition for hiring is less stiff than in Silicon Valley, and the talent pool is larger than you’d think.

via Recruiting young talent away from the Silicon Valley limelight and into…Milwaukee? | PandoDaily.

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Last Modified: August 29, 2013

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