There’s a huge shift in computing under way.  In 2013, statistical trends show that worldwide shipments of tablets will out pace that of PCs.  That’s just tablets.  In 2010, shipments of smart phones blew past PCs at record pace and never looked back.  This adoption of mobile devices is the most rapid shift in computing the world has ever seen.  Just over 6 years ago, Apple released the iPhone and set off the spark that ignited the mobile revolution.  Ready or not, mobile is here in force.

As a leader of the Mobile Team at Centare, I have the opportunity to work with clients both here in Milwaukee and across the country on mobile strategy and mobile app development.  We have built a team of world class mobile app developers that assists clients of varied sizes in a wide range of industries.  Our ability to deliver for clients depends on our constant learning of new platforms, technologies, approaches and skill sets.  Our team embraces and thrives on the fast pace environment that mobile provides.

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