What is BuildMKE?

Entrepreneurs in Milwaukee: Built to last, better than ever

The fabric of Milwaukee is evolving. With a rich heritage of forging the things that long powered America and beyond, Milwaukee has always worked. It wasn’t flashy. It was genuine.

We just got it done.

Now, it’s time to build for our future. We’ll still craft things with iron and steel, of course. But our economic growth over the next century will also hinge on things like sustaining access to fresh food and water, finding new ways to work and learn, or keeping us healthy. We What is BuildMKEmight even help develop a revolutionary technology or two.

We have people with ideas big and small, and the resources to help bring them to life. We have passion and support. We have the dream. But we’re missing one key ingredient.

How will you BuildMKE?

We still need the glue – the stuff that holds everything else together.

BuildMKE isn’t a startup accelerator, a government agency or an investment firm. Milwaukee already has a number of those, and we love them. We’re not another program. We’re not an organization, or driven by a political agenda. We’re not trying to sell you anything.

BuildMKE is a movement, by and for entrepreneurially-minded individuals and organizations. Our goal is to construct a centralized, online hub to connect innovative and creative people with events throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

We bring you the news you’ll need to know about what’s going on in the industries you care about, particularly Milwaukee’s growing technology startup scene. You’ll hear about can’t-miss local events, hosted by partnering organizations. You’re probably already involved in some of these, but now you’ve got one, convenient location to know when everything is going on. You can even register for the events directly through our site, see who else is attending and leave feedback for the hosts.

And we highlight the stories behind the people and organizations already making a difference, sharing their experiences of what it’s like to start and build businesses in Milwaukee.

In short, BuildMKE makes it easier for you to stay up to date, register for your favorite events and connect with the people that can help you and your business grow.

Building a stronger Milwaukee starts with you

But we need your help.

Before we can build a better Milwaukee, we need to build BuildMKE. If you’re involved or interested in growing Milwaukee’s “entrepreneurial ecosystem” in any way, subscribe to our email updates and follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

If you know of, or own, an interesting local business (startup or otherwise) whose story needs telling, let us know.

And if you want to be a bit more involved, you can always volunteer to help us with things like WordPress development, design, writing and media relations. Or just become a BuildMKE evangelist, and spread the word.

We may have different backgrounds, experiences and goals. But we are all Milwaukee.

And we build things.



Copy courtesy of Jim Zawada, SomeCopy.com